Bill Payment

                          ***LATE FEES***

If paying online, your payment must be processed BEFORE MIDNIGHT on the 10th of every month


Online payments will not be processed until the following business day.

Payment By Mail

 If paying by check or money order through the mail, please send all payments with your payment coupon. To avoid late  fees, please mail your payment at least five-seven business days before the 10th of every month.


 Payment via Xpress-Pay 

 You may pay your bill online with a debit or credit card via our online portal. Please have the name on the      account,  the CORRECT account number, and pay the entire past due amount, including all late fees to avoid  interruption of your service. 

                                                           RECONNECT FEES * 

If you are paying due to interruption of your water service, you must pay the entire balance of your bill, including all late charges and reconnect fees. Your service will not be reconnected until the following business day if you pay online thru Express Pay.  If you wish to have your services reconnected the same day, you must pay your bill in person during business hours. 


 Payment Drop-off Location

 You may pay your bill in person at our office or in our drop box located on the side of the building next to our drive-thru  window.  We accept cash, check, and money orders.  To avoid longer wait times, please not that Mondays, Fridays, the  10th of the month, (or following business day), the 17th of the month, and the day after a holiday are normally very  busy. 



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